Why Timinos?

Manages all your employees at one single platform. It is easy and simple to use. It helps you to sort deals won and lost, appointments scheduled and contracts sent over any time period and also it gives the quick review and tracks the performance against the quotas you set. It tracks employee’s activities, deals and tasks and also connects management to let them view customer interactions and profiles.

Its interactive interface gives total visibility of deals on one dashboard. One can also access it’s through its mobile application via Smartphone or tablet. Interactions are tracked automatically and deals are displayed on one dashboard without added work.

Best of all, all you can enjoy up to millions of contacts users and storage without any expiration date, whether you are team of 1 or 1000.You can sort the deals with custom filters for actionable intelligence in a fraction of the time.

It will make organisation organized and effortless. Its Customer Relationship Management organizes, track and nurture your leads. It helps in interaction with your employees and manages your schedule easily with its multitasking features.

EMS is highly efficient. A member of every organisation can easily get any information about his/her staff whenever required and that too easily. It reduces the chances of data duplicity and data redundancy. . The information stored is more accurate and reliable as they are fed in by the employees themselves.

TIMINOS-TIME TRACKING SOFTWARE automatic generates invoices to the professionals, clients or customers on the basis of time spent by them. Employees can clock in and out or enters hour’s right from the home screen in Timinos-time tracking software and managers need not to wait for employees to hand in then time card for approval.

Simply you can attach your timesheet with the software Employees can simply mark their break time hours if they leave the work for some time and go for short breaks which can be lunch break or meetings or briefing sessions.

Apart from this employees can also apply for their casual leaves just filling some formal form for leave mentioning departing and arrival date and same message is to sent on the managers screen and superadmin will also get your leave seeking notification so this will make the leave taking process more organised and easy.

And you can track your leave approval status on your dashboard. This software also allows the employees to manage your future calls just entering the person contact number and the date on which call is to be made so that the reminder for the same will also popup on your screen and it will be easy for them to manage their clients.

Everyone can track their productivity and see how much time they have worked and all these are displayed in single dashboard it records and shows the usage of applications, documents, games, websites etc while performing tasks.

It can also be used to generate bills and invoices especially for contractors and lawyers It also calculates overtime done by your employees and also gives you reminder to update and approve hours on time and you can also get your reports on your email, so you’ll get your insights where you need it, when you need it.

It will provide computerized system for maintaining records and is more efficient and reliable. It is also less time consuming and easy to use with huge data storage with less computer memory and also avoids human efforts for maintaining daily data.

The data collected by this system is further used by HR department to analyse the factors responsible for the wastage of time by employees and to reward the efficient employees of the organisation.

TIMINOS-Time Tracking Software is the electronic version of time-sheets, which is a method of recording the amount if worker’s time spent on each job in the form of digital document or a spreadsheet. Tracking time for payroll manually or through time-sheets can be complicated, time consuming and less efficient process so; Timinos-Time Tracking Software is here to fix them.


Goal setting is the major objective of any organisation. It describes what the company expects to achieve for the whole year and gives you long term vision and short-term motivation. It involves setting the deadlines and targets to the employees to follow hard for the wok to be done to achieve it


Planning is essential to achieve desired goal. It is preparing a sequence of actions steps to achieve some specific goals. It is done to rectify the imperfections in the existing plan and reschedules another plan to produce the quality work and also it keeps the employees disciplined.


Giving the work and assignments according to the strengths of employees so that they can perform better. Giving flexibility in their working environment and friendly behavior helps them to adjust in the firm more easily. All these small efforts make your employee feel comfortable and more goals oriented.


Monitoring the employee performance regularly enhances the employee’s skills and keeps them motivated and goal oriented. It helps determine which area of organisation needs improvement and what initiatives to be taken to increase efficiency of employees.


Evaluating the employee’s performance periodically and conducting employees appraisal helps achieve the desired goals. This keeps employees motivated and drives them to work more efficiently and effectively. It examines their weak and strong zones which help in the assessment of their future performance.