Timinos- Time Tracking Software

Monday,January 07, 2019


Tracking time for payroll manually or through timesheets can be complicated, time consuming and less efficient process. Timinos-Time Tracking Software is here to fix them.

TIMINOS- Time Tracking Software allows itsemployees to record the timespent on tasks or projects. This software can be used in many industries, including those who are freelancers, hourly workers and professionals who bill their customers by the hour, these includes lawyers, freelancers and accountants. TIMINOS-Time Tracking Software is the electronic version of timesheets, which is a method of recording the amount if worker’s time spent on each job in the form of digital document or a spreadsheet.

TIMINOS-Time Tracking Software makes tracking the time of employees easy and increases the productivity, as business can track the time spent on each task and get a better understanding of what factors are causing wastage of time for employees and what factors are boosting their work efficiency. The data collected by this system is further used by HR department to analyse the factors responsible for the wastage of time by employees and to reward the efficient employees of the organisation. TIMINOS-Time Tracking Software can enhance your accountabilityand increase your work efficiency.

Our time tracking software makes the time entry experience worth for employees as well as for managers.


  • Automatic generation of invoices to the professionals, clients or customers on the basis of time spent by them

  • Employees can clock in and out or enters hours right from the home screen in Timinos-time tracking software and managers neednot to wait for employees to hand in then time card for approval. Simply you canattach your timesheetwith the software

  • Everyone can track their productivity and see how much time they have worked and all these are displayed in single dashboard

  • Automatic generation of invoices to the professional clients is one of the best featuresof this software  

  • Records and shows the usage of applications, documents, games, websites etc whileperforming tasks

  • TIMINOS- Time Tracking Software can also be used to generate bills and invoices especially for contractorsand lawyers

  • It also calculates overtime doneby your employees and also gives you reminder to update and approve hours on time

  • It is user friendly and techno friendly and can be used anytime and anywhere via PCs, Laptops, even Mobile Apps

  • You can also get your reports on your email, so you’ll get your insights where you need it, when you need it 


If you are looking a simple way to track your employee’s performance and get the deep metric reports of your employees spending time for particular job then this the product for you.

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